Lee House Green Pages
Exmoor National Park and Lynton are very special places and we are very privileged to live in such a beautiful part of the world.  At Lee House we support the concept of sustainable tourism and are committed to the preservation of Exmoor’s unique environment.  We work hard to minimise our impact on the environment and details of how we do this are given below.  We also ask you to help us with this during your stay and welcome your feedback and ideas.


We monitor our use of energy and water and endeavour to reduce usage wherever possible:

oMost of our light bulbs are low energy and other lighting will be replaced with low energy bulbs as required.  We always make sure we turn any unneeded lights off and gently remind you to turn off lights when you leave your room.
o We do not operate our dishwashers and washing machine unless fully loaded.
o Our boiler is serviced regularly to ensure efficient operation
o By adding extra insulation and monitoring radiator thermostats, we reduced our consumption of central heating oil by approximately 17% in 2010.  Please help to conserve fuel by turning down the radiator in your room before you go out for the day.
o Lee House purchases AAA rated appliances wherever possible.
o Car journeys are kept to a minimum, with much of our shopping done on foot from our village shops.  Other items such as yogurts and eggs are purchased from local suppliers who also deliver.  

Water Conservation

oLee House is committed to saving water.  Most of our en-suite facilities now have dual-action flush.  Did you know that leaving the tap running while cleaning your teeth means using approximately 18 litres of water?
oWe have water butts and collect grey water, for watering the garden. 
oTowel Policy - Every day millions of hotel towels are washed daily around the world, many unnecessarily.  We change towels on a regular basis; the frequency determined by usage and the length of your stay.  If you wish your towels changed more often, please leave used towels in the bath or shower tray.
oThe water from the cold water tap in your en-suite comes directly from the mains water supply and is safe to drink.  Bottled water is no purer than tap water, but uses figurative tons of resources to be bottled and shiped to you.  Even if you only drink two bottles of water a month, you still needlessly emit 2.6 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere every year: twice as much CO2 as you’ve saved by recycling.  Devon water is lovely and soft (see how foamy your shampoo is) and tastes good too!

Lee House supports the local economy by sourcing local and/or organic produce from local suppliers.
oWe buy recycled products where suitable.
oAs you will see from the items on your hospitality tray, we buy Fairtrade products where possible.
oWe bulk buy to reduce packaging and deliveries.

Waste and Recycling

oWe are constantly amazed at the amount of packaging we accumulate. Buying items in bulk helps us to minimise unnecessary packaging and reduce waste.  In order to provide you with choice and ensure freshness it is necessary to provide some food and beverage items in ‘single serve’ portions.  We do, however, recycle packaging wherever possible (your empty breakfast cereal boxes go in our compost bin). 
oAs our flower beds will testify, we are champion composters!  Our ‘compost corner’ in the back garden boasts three large compost bins and a ‘dalek’.  As our neighbours also help us fill them, don’t be surprised if you see a compost caddy left outside the front door!
oWe are also champion recyclers; everything that can be recycled is recycled!  This includes plastic bottles, cans, glass, cardboard, printer ink cartridges, newspapers and flyers.  As well as recycling or own items we also recycle items discarded in guest room waste bins.  By recycling, we have eliminated the need for the 360 litre commercial bin and weekly ‘Trade Waste’ collection required by the previous owners! 
Sustainable Transport

There is so much to see and do in and around Lynton that we encourage you to give your car a holiday too.   
oMany beautiful walks start right from our doorstep and other walks can easily be accessed by public transport.  We have maps and information about walks in the area.
oRegular and seasonal bus services give access to Barnstaple, Ilfracombe and Minehead.  We provide bus timetables where available and are happy to check times for you.
oWe can provide information on local cycle hire centres.
oWe offer secure storage for bikes, including tandems!

Things you can do to help
We care about your comfort: please help us care for the environment too.
oPlease turn off lights and radiators when you leave your room.
oPlease note and apply our towel policy.
oUse of our WiFi is free, but a donation to one of our local charities will be much appreciated.  Collection boxes can be found on reception.
Please use public transport as much as possible during your stay.